The rise of HGH supplements as a weight loss aid

injectable HGHHGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the brain, by the pituitary gland.

HGH can also be purchased in the form of pills or as an injectable, and is proving ever more popular – not only by athletes and bodybuilders who are trying to gain muscle mass, but also with those looking to lose excess body fat.

Although not yet truly available in the mainstream, there are numerous websites online now selling legal variants of HGH, offering HGH for sale without the need for a prescription from your doctor.

The question is: can HGH truly help you lose weight, without any side effects? If so, how does the weight loss occur?

The clinical studies on HGH as a weight loss supplement

Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted to determine just how efficient human growth hormone is for stimulating the metabolism, and whether it really supports their weight loss efforts.

One of the most notable studies on this topic was conducted more than a decade ago by the Monash University in Australia, which revealed a slight increase in the fat oxidation process which, in turn, led to weight loss.

In addition to this, another study published back in the 1990′s in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed that patients who used synthetic HGH injections managed to lose approximately 10% more body fat than those who did not, even without dieting or exercising.

One thing is for sure though, for the time being at least, HGH is not approved by the FDA for weight loss purposes, given the lack of conclusive evidence to back up these claims.

A Deeper Insight Into HGH And Its Mechanism Of Action – How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, this hormone is naturally produced in the brain, and it is primarily responsible for promoting natural muscle gain and tissue repair, as well as for boosting your brain function in the long run – this is why it is particularly important for children.

Nonetheless, the levels of human growth hormone are inversely proportional to your age, meaning that the older you get, the lower your HGH levels will be. This is where HGH supplements and injections step in, helping you restore the balance.

This hormone plays yet another important role, as it prevents your body from transporting glucose to your body cells. In other words, HGH can somehow lower the production of fat cells, which does help you lose weight to a certain extent. By preventing your body from producing more fat cells, the human growth hormone automatically makes it easier for you to get rid of the existing fat.

HGH basically “tricks” your body into burning the existing fat cells to get the energy it needs for basic, daily tasks, instead of getting the energy from the foods you eat each day.

Human Growth Hormone has yet another notable effect in terms of weight loss – it may be able to speed up your metabolic rate. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories you use. A very fast metabolism can actually help you burn fat without too much exercise, this is why some people are naturally skinny regardless of what they eat.

The bottom line is that while some studies claim HGH can help you lose a smathumbs down to HGHll amount of body fat, others say there is absolutely no connection between this hormone and weight loss.

NOT recommended by us!

The general consensus is that the only safe and natural way to lose weight is by combining a balanced and nutritious diet with a personalized and regular training routine.

Why You Should Avoid These 5 Regular Dinner Habits That Are Making You Fat

watching tv and eating dinnerMost of us are office goers who have a hectic day schedule and are more vulnerable to hasty meals, especially the first two ones, breakfast and lunch.

Usually, these two meals are often taken alone or while traveling. However, when it comes to having dinner, this meal is such that one is more likely to have with our family and eaten in excess due to the restlessness and stress of the whole day activity.

This means that family and social conventions, full-day exhaustion, and other disrupters tend to influence dinner. Therefore, most mistakes resulting in weight gain are likely to happen while having this particular meal of the day.

Here are those five dinner habits that lead to weight gain

Arranging Empty Plates for Serving on the Table

The freedom of sitting at a table and being served an empty plate is enjoyable but unsuitable for your health. This is because it leads to over-eating, which results in accumulating extra fat. Therefore, it is ideal to portion the plates correctly in the kitchen and delay second helpings. Moreover, it is a good idea to talk together to prevent filling the plate for the second time.

Using Salt, Sugar, and Desserts

It is a common practice to keep salt and pepper bottles on table. Similarly, sweet sauces and desserts may also be kept as per what is cooked for dinner.

However, using salt as seasoning and sugar in extra quantities results in consuming extra calories. Moreover, salt increases the amount of sodium, while sugar and desserts results in more accumulation of fat at night because of the reduced capability of the body to digest naturally in the evening.

Therefore, it is better to avoid keeping these items on the table. Instead, you can entice yourself with healthier and flavorful spices such as thyme, black pepper, and oregano.

Watching TV

Sometimes, the bad habit while dining is not in having the kind of cuisine or ingredient but in the way we consume it. One such wrong way of dining is to be on the couch and eat in front of a TV. Snacking on post half-eaten dinner is actually risky if you escort it with mind-distracting activities such as playing games, surfing the Internet, or watching TV.

Eating in this manner distracts your mind from focusing on what you are eating, which can lead to inadequate chewing times and even over-eating due to dissatisfaction although you may have eaten well. Therefore, it is better to separate eating from such activities.


Due to whole day work and hectic schedule, people are more likely to eat more at dinner time after which there is no work but only sleep. This means that you are likely to eat less in the first two important meals in the day, which are responsible for giving you energy.

Well, the eating pattern should be exactly the reverse. Therefore, experts suggest dinner to be only of 450 to 625 calories. It should actually be light and well portioned, well below 500 calories, according to a few of them.

Excerises Do Not Have To Be Painful To Be Beneficial

tipforexercisingslowThe thought of exercise often conjures up images of people sweating profusely, laboring to breath, and furrowing their brows as though they are racked with pain and are thoroughly miserable.

One advertisement for an exercise program that is currently being shown on television is for a program that requires its participants to move constantly in swift, confusing patterns for long periods of time. While these methods undoubtedly work, they are not realistic for everyone, especially for those who need a bit more motivation.

A lot of emphasis is placed on toning certain areas of the body, such as the abdominals or the thighs. Enter the fear of doing hundreds of painful crunches or uncomfortable leg lifts!

Why you dont need to work hard at it to still lose weight

These are just not necessary because the entire body benefits from most forms of exercise. Swimming is a good example of a form of exercise that benefits the arms, legs, torso, and cardio-vascular system.

The surprising truth about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be painful! The point of exercise is to move your body, but that can be done in a number of pleasant ways.

Exercise should not be too taxing!

Enjoyable ways to exercise include walking, hiking, riding a bicycle, and dancing.  Dancing is an excellent choice because it involves upbeat music and can be shared with family and friends.  Who wouldn’t want to join in the fun of dancing and reap the benefits of exercise at the same time?

Exercise also doesn’t have to be done in quick motions. There have been many examples of injuries that are caused by trying to move too aggressively, including sprained ankles and pulled muscles.

Movements can be slow and gradual, such as when walking at a comfortable pace. In general, if you are out of breath and cannot carry on a conversation while walking, then you are walking too fast.

Make it pleasurable and you will look forward to it

We all need to exercise, but it doesn’t have to be painful or torturous. Linking pleasant experiences with exercise is a good way to get motivated and to stick with it.  Start out slowly and increase only at your own pace. When you see that exercise doesn’t have to hurt, you will enjoy it a lot more!

Top 5 Natural Ways to Boost The Metabolism For Burning Fat

boosting your metabolismWe all know an effective and efficient metabolism is essential for our weight loss efforts.

However, metabolism is not at its peak efficiency in obese people, often because of the sedentary life they live. Therefore, here are the top 5 natural ways to boost metabolism for burning those extra calories safely.

Do Not Avoid Meal Times, Make Sure You Eat Small Meals Often

Most people who wish to lose weight consider skipping breakfast or dinner. As a result, they tend to have heavy lunch. Well, this is not the right way to lose weight. It is not a good idea to starve and then eat more than needed in the next meal.

According to experts, it is ideal to have five-six small meals daily. This is because such a habit of eating prevents sugar spikes as well as alleviates cravings for binging. Moreover, it is wise to have meals daily at the same time so that you can easily get to comprehend when your body really needs energy.

Those who follow a HCG drops protocol have found that eating little and often really is the best way to keep the metabolism topped up and burning calories.

Strengthen Your Muscles

For those who are unaware, muscle mass burns fat. Therefore, it makes sense to build and preserve muscles through fast exercises. Even workouts such as high intensity or resistance trainings are ideal for muscles. It is a good idea to have some healthy snacks after such a workout, which are rich in carbs and protein enough to strengthen your muscle mass.

Such a pattern helps in building new muscle easily, which increases the overall RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This, in turn, helps in burning more calories on a daily basis.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

According to several studies done on obesity and metabolism, drinking more water can help in reducing weight. One of the studies showed that people who consumed 16 ounces of water witnessed a boost in metabolic rate by 30% during the subsequent hour, which helped in shedding off 24 more calories.

Therefore, drinking water is really an effective way to increase metabolic rate and lose extra calories. According to researchers, people should drink cool water. This is because this will force the body to use extra calories in warming the water up to the body temperature. Apart from water, you can also consider drinking a healthy drink such as green tea, sugarless juice, and a smoothie.

Don’t avoid Carbohydrates altogether

It is wise to avoid extra salt and sugar but it is unwise to avoid carbohydrates completely. The key to right diet is to choose wholesome, nutritious foods for fueling your body but reducing the consumption of refined carbs such as white flour and white sugar.

You should include ample of complex carbs such as beans and vegetables along with some protein-rich items in every meal for ensuring burning of maximum calories via digestion and keep cravings at bay. Others norms such as avoiding oily stuff and meat-rich foods should be followed.

Control Your Stress Level

It is necessary to keep stress in control by managing your time and eating healthy. This is because high stress levels can easily lead to weight gain by decelerating metabolism.

Detox yourself in 2014, what you need to know

detox-in-2014Our modern lifestyle is replete with unhealthy substances and influences; indeed, much of the food we consume is loaded with added sugars, flavorings, preservatives and other artificial additives.

While some of these additives may be harmless, others are known to have a negative impact on our health.

Our bodies naturally get rid of harmful toxins over time, but sometimes it’s a good idea to give our bodies a little extra help.

Detox diets can take many forms including colon cleanse diets, fasting diets, diets which limit the intake of certain nutrients, or diets which simply seek to cut out all artificial additives. Naturally this is a very wide spectrum, some of which are extreme and others which are milder in nature.

Most detox protocols are harmless and might be beneficial, but some of the more extreme diets can result in nutritional deficiency if they are followed for too long. Care must be taken that you don’t follow anything too restrictive for a longer time period than is healthy.

The key benefits of the yearly detox diet

If you select a diet which is smart and makes sense, you could see a lot of improvements to your overall well being. For example, take a detoxifying diet which eliminates added sugars. Following this type of plan, you wouldn’t curb your intake of any actual nutrition, since added sugar serves no nutritional purpose in food.

You would still get all the vitamins, antioxidants, fats, carbs and other nutrients you need, and you would still get to eat a wide variety of foods. Whether you did this short time or over a long time period, you would no doubt see many health benefits. Sugar is terrible for your teeth and gums, spikes blood glucose levels, easily converts into fat, and may also contribute to cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sugar can also trouble patients with IBS or IBD. By cutting sugar out of your diet, you reduce all of these health risks considerably while causing no adverse effects on your body.

You’ll get the most out of a detox diet if you choose one which is healthy (like the example above) in itself and could be followed for a long time period. You’ll also get the most out of it if you maintain a healthy total lifestyle which includes regular exercise and plenty of rest and sleep.

Working out regularly will improve your metabolism, which in turn will improve all your body functions. A healthy metabolism helps your body to expel waste and process nutrients. It also helps you to burn fat and build muscle. Getting rest and sleep are important not just for your physical health but your mental health as well; by removing stress from your life you are also detoxifying your body since stress can have negative health effects.

Consider combining with a colon cleanse

You may also want to augment your diet with a healthy colon cleanse supplement or similar product which includes fiber, antioxidants and other nutritional benefits. These supplements work best in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, so since you’re already doing the hard work of cutting back on what you eat, you might as well integrate a supplement for even better results.

Acai is one preferred supplement since acai berry contains fiber which can help your body to expel waste as well as antioxidants, which are great for general health. Acai’s amino acids can aid in the development of new muscle tissue if you are working out, which you should be in order to maintain your metabolism and overall health.
Things to remember

Detoxifying your body is a good idea, but it should be done responsibly and intelligently. Don’t just jump on any diet you see; only pick one only after evaluating it to ensure that it is a healthy choice which will have real benefits.

The great thing here is that after you’ve gone off of sugar and additives for a certain time period, you may well find that you don’t want to go back to putting artificial ingredients into your body. Make 2014 the year to change, remember the old saying, you are what you eat!